Financial Services Industry Executive Roundtables are tailored to and shaped by senior sourcing executives from leading US and international firms. Members explore industry trends informed by Global SRN research to drive best practices across a dynamic global sourcing market.

The first Executive Roundtable was established at Duke University in 2011. Today, executives meet in person three times a year, generally in New York City, and via regularly scheduled calls on pertinent topics around outsourcing, near-shoring, on-shoring, and global workforce and location strategies.

A primary membership requirement is active participation in scheduled, member-driven omnibus and / or benchmarking studies. These studies provide valuable insights into the direction of global sourcing and inform executive decision-making.

“The business really wants to change, and right now there is really an appetite in the bank for transformational change — new competition, new blood.”
Senior Executive, Financial Services Roundtable Member
I would really stress to everyone that the contract is something to be actively managed. If the third party starts slipping and the bank does not take action, you are implicitly accepting that noncompliance.
Senior Director, OCC
“If you’re looking at 500, 800, 1000 people for a project, you’re probably missing your innovation. You’re probably creating more risk than a small firm a high risk, high reward situation.”
Technology Entrepreneur, Roundtable Guest Speaker